The Problem

Variable frequency drive (VFD) systems create damaging motor bearing currents. If these currents aren’t filtered or “choked” – bearing fluting, frosting, breakdown of lubrication, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and motor bearing failure will result. CoolBLUE® with NaLA® absorbs this damaging current before it gets to the motor.

What Is a Common Mode Choke?

common mode choke is an inductor that is used to prevent unwanted high frequency electric signals, and energy, from being transmitted along undesired paths or into inappropriate parts of an electric circuit or system. CoolBLUE® cores act as a common mode choke by absorbing the high frequency noise, so you can maximize equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid unscheduled downtime. Learn more about common mode chokes here.

What Is a Differential Mode Choke?

NaLA® differential mode chokes further reduce the current and slow the frequency down to even lower levels for the highest reliability of your system!