MH&W Nanotech Kits

  • The MH&W Nanotech Kit solutions have already saved millions of $$ in the world’s industrial plants, hospitals, and office buildings by avoiding down time and equipment failures.
  • Now available as standard kits for all HP ranges and cable lengths.
  • Each kit comes with the appropriate size and number of Nanotech cores based upon HP rating of the VFD and length of power cable between drive and motor.
  • Each CMC core comes along with a thermal temp dot on each core for over temperature monitoring.
  • Each kit also includes full installation instructions and a Nanotech sticker.

Nanotech Kit

Applications Include:

  • Electric vehicles (EV)
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • OEM manufacturers of HVAC equipment
  • Hospital/commercial/office buildings chillers
  • All international VFD manufacturers
  • Wind, solar, and other renewable energies
  • All types of pumps and fans
  • Paper/bottling/food/chemical manufacturing

Nanotech Kit Selector

The “NEW” Nanotech Kit Selector allows selecting and requesting a quote for the correct Nanotech Kit for your VFD -Motor system even easier with a few simple clicks.

Try it now on our website or download it to your mobile device.

Nanotech® Kit Selector



VFD SIZECable Length (ft)

1 - 150
Cable Length (ft)

151 - 300
Cable Length (ft)

301 - 450
Cable Length (ft)

UP TO 1HPOKIT.0-1HP-150OKIT.0-1HP-300OKIT.0-1HP-450OKIT.0-1HP-451+
1.1 - 10HPOKIT1.1-10HP-150OKIT1.1-10HP-300OKIT1.1-10HP-450OKIT1.1-10HP-451+
11 - 40HPOKIT11-40HP-150OKIT11-40HP-300OKIT11-40HP-450OKIT11-40HP-451+
41 - 50HPOKIT41-50HP-150OKIT41-50HP-300OKIT41-50HP-450OKIT41-50HP-451+
51 - 100HPOKIT51-100HP-150OKIT51-100HP-300OKIT51-100HP-450OKIT51-100HP-451+
101 - 428HPOKIT101-428HP-150OKIT101-428HP-300OKIT101-428HP-450OKIT101-428HP-451+
429 - 1631HPRKIT429-1631HP-150RKIT429-1631HP-300RKIT429-1631HP-450RKIT429-1631HP-451+


  • Kits are based on VFD size, not motor size.
  • Kits are based upon one cable (one conductor per phase) between VFD and motor.
  • If multiple cables are used between the VFD and motor, contact MH&W Engineering or Sales to determine the necessary DMC core add-on pack needed.
  • A complete installation guide is included in the kit.
  • All cables/phases must travel through the CMC cores.
  • DMC cores are per phase.
  • No grounding wires, armored or shielded cables can go through any cores!
  • On motors 10HP and below, two turns are needed through the CMC cores. More information on this is in the installation guide.
  • It is important to use the correct kit for each application.
  • Install cores on the load side of the VFD for typical motor applications, temp dot visible.
  • Brackets and additional cable ties are available from MH&W to help hold cores in place, if needed.
  • Kits are applicable for servo and DC motors too. Call MH&W Engineering for more information.
  • All kits are available in round (R) and oval (O) configurations.