The variable-frequency drives (VFDs) and electrical motors in HVAC systems rely on a few key components to function optimally. These components include common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, and radiated emissions absorbers, which MH&W carries in the form of CoolBLUE®, NaLA®, and CoolTUBE® products, respectively. Learn more about these components and how they can benefit your HVAC application.

VFDs and Electrical Motors in HVAC Equipment

HVAC equipment uses electrical motors to power blowers or fans that maintain a constant airflow through heat exchangers or ducts, circulating cold or hot air in all types of facilities. Variable-frequency drives, or VFDs, help control the motor’s speed, which regulates the HVAC system’s temperature output and rate of airflow. In turn, VFDs can help maximize the efficiency of the motor and the overall HVAC system.

Dependable VFD motor systems offer the following key benefits to HVAC systems:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased sustainability
  • Long-lasting equipment
  • Enhanced comfort control

Through adequate installation, monitoring, and maintenance of VFDs, building managers, occupants, and owners can benefit from high-performance HVAC systems that last for many years.

Many types of HVAC equipment use VFDs and electrical motors to control airflow rates and maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels. This equipment includes:

  • Air handling units (AHUs)
  • Heat pumps
  • Chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Exhaust fans

Radiated Emissions Absorber for HVAC Components

It’s important to reduce radiated emissions from VFD motor systems, as these emissions could interfere with other electronics, potentially leading to safety or operational issues. To help minimize these emissions, consider using the CoolTUBE® Nanotech REC.

The CoolTUBE® Nanotech Radiated Emissions Choke (REC) helps facilities remain compliant with all rules and regulations in place for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other organizations. In addition to the FCC in the U.S., companies may have to comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations that have strict requirements in place around EMC.

Nanotech REC reliably reduces radiated emissions while providing thermal control, reducing the risk of interference, failure, and safety issues. It’s also highly practical to use because of its ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. With Nanotech REC, you can maximize your HVAC equipment’s longevity.

Common Mode Chokes in HVAC Components

Another potential issue that HVAC systems may experience is high-frequency common mode noise emanating from the VFD motor system. Like radiated emissions, this noise can cause interference with other electronics and lead to operational or safety issues without sufficient noise reduction. Using common mode chokes, you can reduce this high-frequency noise and comply with EMC requirements. Subsequently, you can also protect your HVAC system components from potential damage resulting from surges or transient voltage spikes.

Nanotech is a helpful, cost-effective solution that’s easy to install for reducing common mode noise in VFD motor systems and maintaining EMC. This technology helps increase the longevity and overall reliability of VFD motor systems in HVAC applications.

Specifically, you’ll want to install the CoolBLUE® Nanotech CMC, which is a common mode choke (CMC) that filters out electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) generated by power supply lines. While blocking this noise along two or more power or data lines, these chokes facilitate the passage of the desired alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) signals. Reducing high-frequency noise will minimize safety concerns and prevent potential bearing failure or wear that could otherwise shorten the lifespan of HVAC equipment.

Differential Line Chokes in HVAC Systems

Another way to reduce the EMI of VFD motor systems is to use a differential mode choke (DMC). This choke is an electrical component that lowers EMI levels by filtering out noise on the electrical motor’s power supply line.

The NaLA® Nanotech DMC works in differential mode, where currents travel in opposite directions, with the flux canceling out to prevent the field from opposing the signal in the normal mode. Following installation, Nanotech DMC reduces differential mode noise in VFD systems for HVAC applications, helping to increase the equipment’s lifespan and reliability.

Find the Right Solutions at CoolBLUE-MHW

Together, the CoolBLUE® Nanotech CMC, NaLA® Nanotech DMC, and CoolTUBE® Nanotech REC can help reduce radiated emissions along with common mode and differential mode noise in VFD motor systems. They’re cost-effective and provide easy installation, giving you the practical solutions you need to get the most from your variable-frequency drive HVAC systems.

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