“Ghost” malfunctions in complex manufacturing and engineering systems are a common problem across every major industry—including the pulp and paper industry. When systems do shut down improperly, they cause many hours of down time, which result in tremendous loss of revenue. High-tech solutions like nanocrystalline CMC (Common Mode Choke) cores from MH&W Nanotech have resolved problems like these with our clients by:

  • No more mysterious shutdowns.
  • Elimination of stray ground noise, which protects signal lines.
  • Elimination of bearing fluting and the resulting replacement costs.

Learn more about common problems and how nanocrystalline components from MH&W Nanotech can help protect VFD drives used in pulp and paper processing.

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Pulp & Paper Industry Overview

Pulp and paper processing facilities use machinery with variable frequency drive (VFD) systems to control operations via the speed and torque of the motor. The machinery is much more efficient and versatile than other motor systems, which can save facilities money on energy. However, every motor system needs sufficient EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) protection to ensure long-lasting operation and to reduce the risk of “ghost” malfunctions, shutdowns, and eliminate bearing damage. Otherwise, disruptive EMI noise can drown out signals of neighboring components, cause electrical and electronic interference, and otherwise adversely impact the performance of overall motor systems. MH&W Nanotech solutions eliminate these problems by absorbing the EMI noise at the VFD source.

Capabilities for the Pulp and Paper Industry

At MH&W, we supply state-of-the-art Nanotech solutions to industrial motor system problems. With over 55 years of experience providing innovative magnetic products, we bring new technologies and protective components to our clients so they can see more productive operations. We provide a wide range of product solutions for VFD-driven motor systems based on our clients’ unique needs, problems, and objectives.

Benefits of Working With MH&W

If noise is interfering with your pulp and paper processing facility’s equipment, then identifying the source of the noise is essential to preventing shutdowns, errors, and catastrophic malfunctions. Since 2010, our engineering experts have become a leading provider of nanocrystalline products for power conversion and filtering.

Our clients trust us to provide them with long-lasting solutions that address their problems because we offer:


We only work with manufacturers who meet our high quality and production standards for magnetic and nanocrystalline products. We use our own quality control processes to verify the quality of products so our clients can always trust the integrity of the solutions we offer.

Technical Expertise

We are not just the leading suppliers of nanocrystalline products across North America—we also have in-house experts that stay on the cutting edge of technological innovations so we can ensure we’re offering the right solutions for any EMI and filtering challenge. We offer technical support, assistance in selecting new solutions, and a growing body of knowledge in magnetics and nanotechnology.


When standard components are not the right fit for your facility’s equipment, our team will create a customized solution. We will modify cores and other protective products to meet the unique specifications or challenges of your VFD motor systems.

Global Reach

We operate across the world to distribute products, localized services, and technical support to pulp and paper facilities. Our engineering, sales, and distribution centers are in North America, so we can quickly source and deliver the products you need and provide support in every time zone.

Competitive Pricing

MH&W provides high-quality solutions at an affordable price.

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If “ghost” malfunctions are interrupting your operations, or bearing damage due to VFD noise, you will find a long-lasting solution with MH&W. Our team will help you find the right filtering components to control signal noise and reduce interruptions. Reach out today to request a quote and start your order.